Bug is a 100% independent,

Bug Agency

An idea is a bug that expands and turns into a concept. Established in London in 2000 and based in Paris since 2003. On the occasion of our 20th anniversary this year, we collaborate with experts to remind you that the bug is everywhere!

branding & corporate

We are specialists of ruptural context. Our branding and brand strategy expertise go from top management workshops to brand audit, strategy and positioning, naming, brand identity and brand storytelling, etc.

Every client is unique. Finding the right language to solve clients’ problems is our expertise.
We can switch on different processes to accomplish this task:
– Strategy and content strategy
– Implementation strategy
– Corporate and top management sessions
(incl. moderation).

communication agency.

it's in our DNA to combine

reliability with eccentricity

We carry a strong commitment for reliability.

We do not like to specialise in anything as we believe creative thinking is about being open minded. We like to deal with complex and global issues… which demand brain agility.

Whenever relevant, we are comfortable and keen on running workshops. Our methodology combines mind-broad urther, a way to involve everyone on complex projects.

In addition, we use some of the creative tools we’ve invented to boost strategic thinking with our clients… it has been proven to be useful when we strive for innovation.

Specifically, we team up with experts such as “le numa” in Paris to develop various stimulating environments and techniques.

Our team of 20 people with a strong bicultural background are specialists of ruptural context. Adopting the anglo-saxon agency culture, our strategic and creative teams come from different backgrounds and are familiarised with various disciplines.

and commitment.

After 2 decades of ‘gourmet evolution’, it’s time to take the digital world out of this obesity race and ensure that environmental concerns are at the heart of UI, UX issues and technical developments.
Since 2020, we are donating 1% of our revenue to 1% for the planet.

Green Code Label