After two decades of ‘gourmet evolution’,
it’s time to take the digital world out of this obesity race
and ensure that environmental concerns are at the heart
of UI, UX issues and technical developments.
This is a new passion of ours! And this site is an example.

At Bug, we have a lateral thinking: the more we work on different topics,
the more we create connections that generate the good ideas.

It’s time for the rules of branding to become more flexible so that brands could seamlessly adapt to their digital environment.
Beyond images, the strength of words, URLs, favicons, Google descriptions, less energy-consuming colours… there’s an enormous amount of elements to consider right from the beginning in a brand identity approach.

British, French, what else…? Dubai, here we come!
Born in 2000 in London, 2003 in Paris,
now exploring Dubai as our new field.

As media and technologies evolve, it’s logical that way we talk and communicate evolve at the same time.
In this context, we do our best to offer a responsible and
relevant response.

Our ecodesign

1% for the planet Green Code Label